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Daily communication

We communicate with you, your staff, your tenants and contractors exactly as you do now, your phones, your email, text, fax and live (one-to-one instant communication).

Income related tasks

  • We speak with your property managers LIVE; they are always aware of what’s happening and what we are doing for them
  • Face to face, we are working for your office every single day completing your business, your way
  • Chat with us over coffee and the paper each morning or catch up over lunch, we are always there
  • If you prefer us not to be LIVE with your office 8 hours a day you can chat by email, free phone, text or instant message
  • Whatever is easiest for you
  • Daily tenant, contractor and your communication
  • Your international team delivers exceptional, long term and reliable quality at 50% below your current cost
  • It’s personal, just like it should be

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