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Property management staff issues

High property management staff turnover?

Are you frustrated by inexperienced low quality staff?

You are not alone.

We know that every new recruit, every new training session and every subsequent resignation costs you time and money. On top of the costs you incur, the damage to your reputation is incalculable.

Only NuuMoon delivers a genuine, pragmatic, long term solution which you can easily use.

Recognise any of these?
How NuuMoon delivers

High property management employee attrition?

Less than 8% staff attrition over the last 3 years

Difficulty recruiting replacements?

150+ property management experts at your disposal

Applicants have little or no experience?

10+ years experience

Performance is poor or erratic?

Intelligent and stable staff with university degree

Proactive ‘Can Do’ attitude non-existent?

We deliver day, nights, weekends & public holidays

Low or no loyalty?

Grateful for your employment every single day

They start well but fade quickly?

100% commitment is assured for you every single day.

Low attention to detail?

Clinical precision first time, on time, every single time

Replacing underperforming staff costs time & money?

Replace poor performers instantly. Zero replacement cost to you.

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