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Accounting Services

We provide complete data entry and field service processing for property preservation companies. We help property preservation companies by working on all of their time consuming data entry and report preparation tasks that enable them to cut their costs. We help companies to optimize efficiency and deliver quality & timely services to their customers. This not only helps you save time and money, but also allows you to focus more in acquiring new customers and grow your business.

We can process work orders using

  • Safeguard
  • Field-Comm
  • Property Preservation Wizard
  • Altisource
  • VendorWeb
  • CoreLogic
  • EZInspections

We handle all data entry needs related to field services:

  • FSM
  • Maid refresh
  • Grass cut/ Grass re-cut
  • Snow removals
  • Bi weekly
  • Sales clean
  • Rush
  • Perform per bid
  • Conveyance conditions
  • Securing
  • Winterization

What we do

  • Identify nature of the work order
  • Download photos from your website or FTP
  • Arrange the photos in logical work order sequence
  • Label before, during and after photos
  • Label the photos with order completion date using BatchPhoto
  • Create and add bids as per the vendor notes and photos
  • Create new estimates using RepairBase and Cost Estimator
  • Add Invoice as per instructions provided by you
  • Enter data of various maintenance work order related documents
  • Generate and upload reports

Repairs and maintenance services (for property preservation companies)

What we do

  • Receive repairs and maintenance issues through phone and email
  • Identify nature of issue and contact respective contractor/ vendor
  • Liaise between contractor and tenant
  • Receive and approve quotes that fall within allocated budget
  • Contact property owner/ property manager for approval if quote is above allocated budget
  • Work order creation and follow up
  • Prepare before and after maintenance reports
  • Submit reports to property owners or property managers

Property inspection reports

We work you take care of your property conditioning and inspection reports.

  • Are you tired of creating inspection reports after running around from property to property conducting inspections?
  • Are your property managers not delivering quality inspection reports?
  • Are property owners unhappy with the type of reports you produce?

Here’s a one stop solution to all of your problems.

You will no longer have to spend your time typing up inspections notes, align or crop photos and prepare inspection reports. All you have to do is;

  • Take the pictures and upload it on to FTP, Dropbox or other file sharing apps
  • Simply write down the notes in an approved “property conditioning report” template (or)
  • Just do a voice recording of the notes in your smart phone, iPhone or tablet and send us the audio file. We will transcribe the notes and add the text to your reports.

Now, you and your property managers can complete more inspections in a day and the reports will be completed by us overnight and delivered back to you the next day morning.

Your exceptional benefits

  • Cheaper, faster with higher quality
  • No wasted time in typing, formatting and preparing inspection reports
  • Overnight completion of all reports
  • Complete more inspections per day
  • Receive completed inspection report in your desktop ready to be printed
  • Deliver high quality reports that makes property owners happy

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