Success story 4

Success story 4

Estate Agents, Surrey

What was the challenge?

Improve rent collection. Control spending. Get more accurate management reports to find out the profitability of each property.

What property management tasks do we handle?


Our team sends rental late payment notices. Creates eviction notices. Checks on the actual spending for each property. Inform the property manager if the amount exceeds the budget. Maintain accurate information for each property so that it is easy to find the profit and loss of each property.

We maintain the books and manage entire accounting department including bank-reconciliation, tenant accounts management and monthly management reports. We send monthly confirmation reports or arrear notices to every tenant and land-lord.

Call handling

We handle all tenant maintenance requests and all incoming sales enquires


We have a well oiled accounting department for our client that handles all the accounting and accounting related tasks. Management reports are send on time every month which helps in quick decision making for our property management client.

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