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We are not a call center

Dislike call centers?

We are for you..!

If you dislike call centers or have had a bad experience with a call centre either offshore or within your local area we are sympathetic.

Offshore call centers has been unfairly tarnished by these ‘1 size fits all’ remote providers with much of the public assuming that to ‘work offshore’ means to engage with an impersonal, low accountability call/contact center.

At NuuMoon , we absolutely reject the entire concept of call or contact center.

The service we deliver represents the opposite of this outdated and problematic failed mass processing corporate model.

How and why Integra is not a call center

  • NuuMoon delivers ‘Generation 2’ offshore working, commonly defined as one-to-one.
  • One-to-one is the opposite of mass call center processing and has been developed to counter the problems with the call center model
  • One-to-one is highly personal, intimate, interactive, live and long term
  • Small teams of highly trained staff working only for you, delivering your business your way
  • One-to-one is infinitely flexible, has no pre defined processes and is cemented in the values of proactive thinking
  • One-to-one is designed for SME’s like yours
  • Your team can work your hours, attend your team meetings and are trained only in your processes and approach
  • Like ‘normal’ staff, you see them at work and chat with them over lunch, you have ultimate control and they are accountable only to you
  • Overseen and managed by Integra at our sites they are simply an extension of your own team working your way

Why we dislike Call Centers

  • Call centers operate on a ‘one size fits all’ basis
  • Funneling your customers through a series of predefined scripts and outcomes, they have tarnished the reputation of offshoring
  • They also have low accountability and an impersonal experience
  • ‘One size fits all’ is primarily designed to eliminate cost for large corporate. The consequential reduction in customer service and experience is accepted given the large bottom line benefits
  • Those falling outside the ‘pre defined process’ are grouped into daily ‘exception reports’; to be dealt with at a later time

At NuuMoon we know that every client is unique. Predefined processes and call center processing fails to meet individual client requirement, provide a true personal experience and exceed customer expectations. NuuMoon staff understands your company, your methods and will customize their interactions with your customers.

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