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Interested to have your own, personal international team?

We at NuuMoon understand that you want every part of your business done your way. We know you want your property management staff to have an intimate understanding of the owners, their properties and their tenants.

We also understand that you want your property managers and contractors to develop excellent long term relationships so that when a tenant calls, you have instant access to up to date, reliable information to solve their issues.

  • That’s why we ensure that your international team is exclusively yours only
  • They work only for you, deliver and report directly to you. No resource pooling, same staff everyday with a genuine commitment to your success
  • It’s your team completing your tasks your way
  • Low to no turnover of staff gives you long term reliability and a deep understanding of your business
  • It is exactly as you work now, one-to-one, personal and long term
  • The only difference? This long term reliability is available to you for 50% below what you currently p

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